Zoe Bäckstedt is the junior time trial world champion!

17-year old smashes the 14.1 kilometer course in Wollongong

September 20, 2022

After coming second in the junior time trial at last year's world championships and winning the junior road race, expectations were high for Zoe Bäckstedt.

And the Brit certainly lived up to those expectations, powering her way through the 14.1 kilometer course and taking the rainbow jersey with over a minute and a half over the next best rider.

“This was one of the one of my biggest goals of the season, just trying to win this to make it one up from last year and I’m so happy I was able to do it,” says Bäckstedt. “I did so much work this season, just nailing the time on the time trial bike, putting in the hours, the intervals, replicating the course, everything like that. And I'm so happy it paid off.”

The 17-year-old was flying on the course and put over 50 seconds on the next best rider at the midway point and she never looked back.

“I came into it knowing that the climb was going to be tough and being the last person off, I'd already seen some of the times at the halfway point and at the finish,” says Bäckstedt. “I was watching my Wahoo when I was riding and I was like, right 10 and a half minutes and I was over the climb. I was like, ‘okay, good, I should be up.’ And yeah, I just kept pushing and pushing and cornering in the skis, out the skis. I find it just so much fun.”

The Brit is in her first year as a pro rider and has already impressed with a series of top results at numerous races and has shown that she is a rider to watch in the future. But today’s dominant ride solidified her status as one of the top riders of her generation.

But at the end of the day, she knows what it took to get to this point and she is quick to thank her family for this achievement.

“I'm just so grateful that they've supported me through everything,” says Bäckstedt. “They've taken me on training camps, races, they woke up at half past one to watch me. It's the commitment that they have for me and for my sister. It's incredible, and we really appreciate it.”

Congratulations, Zoe! What a ride!

You can catch her again on Saturday for the road race which will be broadcast on GCN and Flo Bikes.

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