Veronica Ewers takes 9th on Tour de France Femmes GC

‘I’ve never pushed myself to that limit before’

July 31, 2022

Veronica Ewers stormed up the La Super Planche des Belles Filles at the last stage of the Tour de France Femmes.

Her seventh place result on the stage saw her leapfrog in the general classification, finishing in ninth place.

“I’m really, really happy,” Veronica said of her racing today. “I gave it my absolute all at the end. I really wanted to be aggressive. I gave it everything. I’m pretty pleased to make the top ten for the first Tour de France Femmes.”

The eighth and final stage of the Tour took the peloton over a category 2 climb and a pair of category 1 climbs, including the summit finish in which the tarmac gave way to gravel.

“You can’t really stand up and if you do it’s like your legs are cramping,” Veronica said about the gravel. “Just absolutely brutal, but it’s a really, really cool experience. I’ve never pushed myself to that limit before so it’s really amazing to see what our bodies can do.”

With back-to-back mountain stages, Veronica felt the effort accumulating in her legs as she worked to maintain contact with her ever-dwindling group.

“I tried to hang on. I was just dangling for a lot of it and I’d catch up to them and then fall back and dangle and by the end I just kept telling myself to just keep my pace before absolutely blowing up because I knew what was coming and I just wanted to be able to turn the pedals at the finish even though it felt like I was about to topple over with the last 50 meters. It was a very long last 50 meters.”

Over the eight stages of the Tour de France Femmes, the combination of support from her teammates and Veronica’s consistent riding saw her earn 4th and 7th on stages four and eight respectively. This would be an impressive result for any rider, but particularly noteworthy given that Veronica is in the middle of her first season of being a professional cyclist.

“I’m really proud to acknowledge how I improved even throughout this race, knowing how terrified I was in the group on stage one and then feeling more comfortable by the end of it since I’m still learning how to navigate the peloton.”

As the race has traveled across France, Veronica noticed the massive support she and her teammates received both on the road and across the world.

“I really can’t express enough how overwhelming and exciting it is to see how many people are out supporting and partying on the mountains. It’s apparent that people have been there for hours waiting for us to come through just as they do for the men. My hometown of Moscow, Idaho has a theater downtown that my aunt had them post GO VKEWERS on the billboard of the theater. I’m so overwhelmed. I absolutely love my hometown and the support they have shown me. Cycling was never a huge thing there and it’s totally proof that this has brought more people to cycling so I think we’ll see more and more people getting involved in cycling and spectating as well. I think that’s really awesome.”

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