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After landing Veronica Ewers in 4th place on GC, our squad looks back on the Giro d’Italia Donne

July 11, 2023

While the team faced challenges over the nine days of racing at the Giro, our squad faced them all and never backed down, ultimately earning our best ever finish on the general classification with Veronica Ewers in fourth.

We were dealt a blow in losing such a strong teammate in Kathrin who left the race after crashing on stage three. Nonetheless, her teammates rose to the occasion and rode with a renewed sense of unity.

Now that our riders have had a little time to rest and look back on the Giro, read on to hear from our team what they thought of this year’s race.

Georgia Williams
The Giro was really good. Everyone was in really good form. Everyone was one hundred percent committed to the plan everyday. Everyone played a part in setting Veronica up each day for the results and just keeping her safe. It was such a team effort and we all came together really well. That was key to our success.

Lauren Stephens
The Giro was everything I expected it to be. It had good days and bad for everyone. But every day we each kept fighting to give our best. In the end we all helped Veronica to her incredible GC fourth place!

Letizia Borghesi
At the end of this Giro, I can say that I am happy with my feelings and my shape during this Giro. In a lot of stages, I was there fighting with the best until the end and I was really close to some top results. I’m confident for the next races I can do what I need to do to get a top result. I am also really proud of how we fought as a team to defend fourth place in the GC for Veronica. On the last day we were all committed to getting the bonus second that was crucial to getting her back into fourth, which we had lost the day before. We reached this goal and it was really amazing, because it came after a huge team effort.

I also liked having Lizzy back in the peloton. She was riding at a good level in the Giro and she was working really hard for the team. I was roommates with her in the second half of the Giro and I think I learned from her experience. The bad thing about the Giro was that we lost Kathrin quite early in the race. This was really bad news because Kathrin was in really good condition after her second place in nationals. She was ready to do a good Giro. I’m sad for her but I’m sure she will have more opportunities.

Lizzy Banks
My takeaway from the Giro Donne is the growth that we had as a team during the week. Every day we improved the way we worked together for our common goal. We were never scared to give it a go and try to make an attacking race and we committed to our plan to be aggressive. Despite narrowly missing out on the podium spot, the way we came together over the week was truly evident in the final stage where we fought to put Veronica in the position to take the one critical second sprint bonus which catapulted her into fourth place on GC. It's been a week of very hard work but deeply satisfying to be both back in the WorldTour and to contribute to the success of the team.

Magdeleine Vallieres
At this Giro, we really stepped up as a team. It was really nice riding with all my teammates. From stage one to stage nine, you could see we became a completely different team. We were just riding so much better together. I feel like we could work really well for Veronica. It was super nice riding for her because she was super strong so it was really impressive. It’s always nice when you give everything you have for someone. It’s incredible when the plan and the whole team and staff come together. With Veronica finishing fourth, I think we’re really happy. We raced more aggressively. I feel like we were more a part of the race than we were last year because we took initiative. It was a really great Giro.

Veronica Ewers
The Giro was an emotional and physical roller coaster. Overall, it was a really cool experience for my first Giro.

It was a bummer that we lost Kathrin so early. I’m hoping she’s recovering ok. It was a bit hard going into the majority of the race with one less rider but the team really stepped up. It was honestly such an incredible growth from the beginning to the end of the race. We were working really, really well together. It seems so trivial to fight for fourth place on GC but when I moved to fifth, it was a really fun challenge for us to fight to get back that fourth place on GC. It came down to a bonus sprint on the last stage and finishing in the bunch and the team was so incredible going into that bonus sprint. Lizzy had crashed the day before and Letizia had also crashed the day before and both of them, regardless of their injuries, really stepped up. Georgia was solid. She guided me through a lot of really key points and kept me safe and relaxed in a lot of chaotic moments. Mags and Lauren weren’t feeling great, they were pretty worn down after doing so much work throughout the race and yet they still stepped up and pushed through it and didn’t give in. It really showed that we’re fighters as a team. It was really, really cool to see all that come together, especially into the last stage.

Personally, it’s exciting to be fourth on GC. A lot of me says I got lucky but I think it was a good confidence booster for myself. It was just really good to get that really hard effort into the legs. I heard that it was one of the fastest and hardest Giros to date which was nice to hear given how hard it felt. I’m just incredibly proud of the team and also of the team behind the team, our staff. I really cannot appreciate them enough.

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