A Tour to remember

Our riders look back at the beautiful experience that is the Tour de France Femmes

August 1, 2022

The revival of the Tour de France Femmes was like nothing our sport has seen in a generation.

For our six riders, pinning on their race numbers was a privilege and a responsibility. We experienced both the lows — crashes, losing riders — and the highs — the unshakable camaraderie, Veronica cracking the top ten on GC — that made the Tour’s eight stages an event that we will always cherish. Hear from our squad as they reflect on what they experienced at this year’s Tour de France Femmes.

Letizia Borghesi

My first Tour de France was amazing. It was an unforgettable experience. I think that the Tour de France was a success for women’s cycling. It was awesome to see how many people were waiting for us and how many families and children were cheering for us throughout all of the stages. This was something really really special. This Tour has changed women’s cycling. Now starts a new era. From now, all will be different and we will always have more fans and our sport will be better known in the world.

In this Tour we grew a lot as a team. We learned to work better together and we helped each other more and more, day after day. I think that we achieved some important goals with some good breakaways and some good results also in the general classification with Veronica. Personally I am a little bit disappointed about my Tour because I was hoping for some bigger results but this Tour was a little bit unlucky for me with the crash. After the crash, it was really difficult to perform and I’m frustrated about this and about the fact that I had to leave the Tour in the second to last stage.

Krista Doebel-Hickok

Everyday I’ve tried to do the best I can. Some days I have more, some days I have less, whether it’s physical or mental. I just love racing and being on the team. When this team comes together, we can be competitive with the best in the world but it’s not going to be everyday. For us, to be here at the hardest race to be competitive and have it come together is a really good sign and I think that’s a success in and of itself. It will come more and more days as we grow as a team.

Veronica Ewers

I was really just hoping to give it my all and do my best and see how I’d fair among the top women in the world. I’m overwhelmed by the experience and feeling really fortunate to have this opportunity. I’m really looking forward to the next Tour.

The way the stages were built was really interesting. It allowed for a wide variety of women to win something, starting with flatter stages and finishing with mountain stages. It’s really interesting because compared to the men’s race, usually by the time trial you kind of know who is going to win the yellow jersey. It’s really cool that this has somewhat corresponded with the women’s European Cup for soccer. It’s just been a month of women’s badassery.

Kathrin Hammes

It was really cool, especially the last two stages where I had so many friends on the road and they were cheering my name. That was really nice and my favorite part of the Tour. After I was dropped, I waved. When I was racing, not so much but they were there on the final climb. The race in general and the crowds were all super cool. It was a nice experience. Also, it was a really great time with the team and the staff we had here was great support. They didn’t miss anything and were always on point. We had some successes on the road and a top ten on GC so I think we can be really happy with how the week went.

Emily Newsom

I feel like it was amazing and I am so privileged to have been a part of it. Everything from the staff, the media, the fans who have been here for us, the management, the race organization, and of course the whole team that raced this, it’s really amazing to see it all come together. I feel like I’m just this little part of it and I’m so happy that I could be this little part of it.

I was at the finish and we watched stage 8 on the live feed for a while and then we saw Veronica and Krista and Mags and Kathrin come through and it was incredible. It made me cry.

Magdeleine Vallieres Mill

I still just can’t believe how many people were interested in watching. There were as many people as for the men’s cycling. And seeing the little girls, I hope it brings them hope that they can also do it.

Every day was a challenge for me. Every stage was super hard. I just kept thinking of the team and how I could do more, to just push harder and do something else if I can until I can’t. And then I just have to survive the stage until the next day to do it again. We have such a good group so that makes it so easy and fun. With the performance from the girls today, it was super cool. The whole week, the team did great. I’m proud of the whole team and everyone around the team.

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