Omer Shapira




9 September 1994


Hebrew and English, working on Spanish



Six-time Israeli national champion Omer Shapira has been racing since the age of 16. When her dad and brother began joining group rides through their village in the northwestern Negev desert, Omer, who describes herself as always having been a little bit different from her peers, quickly accompanied them. She branched out to ride on her own, savoring the solitude and pushing herself as far as she can.

To Omer, there is no better feeling than breaking through perceived limits, whether that’s in training or racing. The sport has helped her grow as a person and as an athlete. She appreciates the opportunities and experiences cycling has brought her, like international travel, meeting new people, and seeing the world from different points of view.

A competitor at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Omer finished in 24th place after spending much of the race up road. She says that one of her motivations during her breakaway was to promote Israeli cycling in general, particularly girls' participation in the sport.

Omer splits her time in Europe between her bases in Girona, Spain and Andorra. She is a climber by nature and loves to be in the mountains.

Get to know Omer

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing

Coffee or tea?

Big filter coffee in the morning. Then during the day a lot of tea, also in summer time

What is your favorite training session?

Just a long aerobic day so I can go far and explore new roads

What's your favorite place to ride your bike?


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The Israeli desert

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Ceratizit Challenge by la Vuelta

Sep. 08, 2022 – Sep. 11, 2022
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