Femke Beuling


Emmeloord, the Netherlands


20 December 1999


Dutch, English, German



A former junior world champion on the ice, Femke Beuling spent three years as a professional speed skater before turning her sights to the pro peloton. She had always ridden as part of her training for skating and quickly fell in love with cycling. The bike offered her a type of freedom beyond the ever-familiar ice rink. When a persistent foot injury signaled the end of her skating career, Femke focused her attention on cycling. Her time as a skater had helped her develop a powerful sprint which transfers perfectly to road racing.

Femke has always been intrigued by the human body and the 23-year-old recently completed her bachelor's degree in medicine. She plans to focus on her racing career for the next several years, then resume her studies and become a doctor later down the road.

To relax, Femke loves to head to the north of the Netherlands where she visits her parents on their agricultural farm.

Get to know Femke

What's your favorite place to ride your bike?


What's some of the best advice you've ever gotten?

The more aero, the better

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

There are a lot of places I’ve never been and want to go someday. But I think in the end I will always end up home.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. I like a good cappuccino, but most times I drink just black coffee

What is your favorite climb?

I did Col de la Forclaz when I was on holiday last year and I loved the view

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Dwars door het Hageland

Jun. 10, 2023
Race finished

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