Finding Balance | Veronica Ewers | Explore series | Presented by Wahoo | EF Education-TIBCO-SVB

The latest film in the Explore series presented by Wahoo documents Veronica’s search for balance in the pro peloton

July 22, 2023

Two years ago, Veronica Ewers was a name no one outside of her local team had heard of.

Now she’s earned top tens in the sport’s biggest races. But Veronica still feels like an outsider, and that gnaws at her sense of belonging.

In the film, Veronica explores the relationship between identity and performance, solitude and community, and searches for balance before the Tour de France Femmes. Read on to hear Veronica’s impression of the film, Finding Balance | Explore series presented by Wahoo.

What did you think when you were first approached to be the subject of an Explore series film?
I was a bit surprised because I didn’t really think I would be that interesting to do a film on. I find myself to be pretty normal and average so I was unsure what would be in the film.

The film touches on some heavy topics. Do you feel the film represents you? How do you feel about Finding Balance?
I ultimately really love the film. I think it does represent me and it represents my vulnerable side. I want to show that I can be honest and vulnerable and show that there are struggles that I deal with. It’s not all about struggles with me. I do have a happier side that isn’t shown as much in the film but I think it showed the more vulnerable side of me which is just part of me. I do know that there’s a happy, joyful, goofy side to me but I think it’s really important to show that vulnerable side because I really value honesty and vulnerability and being real.

Finding Balance | Veronica Ewers | Explore series | Presented by Wahoo | EF Education-TIBCO-SVB

In this film, you are remarkably open and vulnerable. How does it make you feel to share your story?
I am nervous to share my story. Like I said, I like to share my story and be honest and vulnerable. I’m curious to see how people take it. I do hope that people, both pro cyclists and the average person alike, can relate. I hope people find some relatability and know that they’re not alone in the struggle for finding balance in whatever that may be in their lives. Sometime you're just having rough days or being in a kind of lonely place in your life. I really hope they can find some relatability.

The film is titled “Finding Balance.” Do you feel like you’ve found balance?
I’m definitely still trying to find that balance. I have days when it’s better than others at finding that balance. I definitely don’t think I’ve found it or really mastered the art of finding that balance just yet.

Do you find there's value in the process of finding balance? What does this journey teach you?
There is a ton of value in the process of finding balance. When I do have moments of balance, I can understand how people can have long careers and be happy in what they’re doing. That’s not just in being a professional cyclist but also in being a human finding balance. It’s so important. I’ve just learned that it is really difficult to find balance and it’s very individual what balance looks like for each person. It’s an ongoing endeavor. Every day I’m a bit closer to finding that sweet spot of balance but I am still not quite there. There are good days and bad days but I’m starting to have more good days that bad at the moment so that’s always good.

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