A green twist for our Giro changeout kit

Team kits by Rapha are made largely from excess material

June 29, 2023

EF Education-TIBCO-SVB will ride in a special changeout kit at this year’s Giro, but with a sustainable twist.

Our Giro uniforms by Rapha utilize a majority of excess fabrics to create the kits via upcycling material otherwise destined for a landfill. The team issue kit of the “Rapha Excess” line consists of 72 percent majority excess material. UCI rules around team kit consistency mandate that some new fabrics be used to ensure a degree of uniformity.

The sport’s governing body mandates that we give up pink uniforms at the Giro since they closely resemble the pink jersey, worn by the race leader. Our Cannondale bikes were not manufactured specifically for the Giro but tap into the design with a color scheme utilizing excess paint and limiting waste.

Muc-Off’s Project Green Initiative utilizes concentrates and refills to cut down on plastic waste, and its reusable Mechanic’s Gloves eliminate thousands of single-use latex gloves each season. Using titanium salvaged from used medical instruments, POC's new Elicit Ti glasses show how the highest levels of performance and sustainable thinking can go hand in hand.

We know our sport is far from perfect, but we’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impacts and inspiring more people to live a life by bike, on and off race courses across the world.

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